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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Masaki Ueda -- Osaka Bay Blues

I came across Masaki Ueda's(上田正樹) "Osaka Bay Blues" on a video tape of "The Top 10"ranking show on which he performed live right from Osaka Bay. And then I was fortunate enough to get the single on a compilation tape of kayo kyoku hits that I'd bought in Chinatown. Ueda debuted in 1972 and is known as an R&B/soul singer-songwriter from the Kansai area. Though he didn't write or compose the song, he sings the Kansai dialect-inflected lyrics like a pro. The creators were actually Chinfa Kan and Tetsuji Hayashi (康珍化・林哲司).

The song, which was released in October 1982, peaked at No. 5 on Oricon and became the 26th-ranked tune for 1983. "Osaka Bay Blues"is actually the sub-title with the main title being "Kanashii Iro ya ne"(悲しい色やね....Sad Colour Isn't It?)

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