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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 10 Singles for 1977

1. Pink Lady               Nagisa no Sinbad
2. Kouichi Morita         Seishun Jidai
3. Pink Lady               Wanted
4. Kenji Sawada          Katte ni Shiyagare
5. Akira Kobayashi       Mukashi no Namae de Deteimasu
6. Masashi Sada          Ame Yadori
7. Pink Lady               Carmen '77
8. Pink Lady               SOS
9. Kentaro Shimizu      Shitsuren Restaurant
10. Hi-Fi Set              Feelings

1977 may have been the year of "Star Wars", but in Japan, it was the year of Pink Lady. By the way, the No. 8 hit of "SOS"isn't in any way a cover of the ABBA tune. However, Hi-Fi Set's "Feelings"is indeed the cover of the 1974 Morris Albert (anti-)classic.

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