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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Judy and Mary -- Hello! Orange Sunshine

I already started hearing some of the popular stuff from Judy and Mary from the mid-90s as their media exposure steadily increased. Through the show "Countdown TV", I saw their videos for "Over Drive" and "Sobakasu"そばかす), and their performances on that show and "Music Station". As for "Hello! Orange Sunshine", I actually heard that one several months after hearing those songs.  Although according to J-Wiki, the song was used as one of the campaign songs for NHK Broadcast Satellite (somewhat unfortunately abbreviated as BS), I remember that it was used as the ending theme for the Fuji-TV Saturday night variety program starring the Osaka comedic duo, 99.

J&M's 4th single was released in August 1994, and I think when it comes to the pop to rock range that the band covers, "Hello! Orange Sunshine" is definitely more on the cutesy pop side of things. They may look kinda rough but take them to your mother's home for dinner, they'd probably be the most well-behaved bunch of guests. Written by YUKI and composed by Yoshihito Onda(恩田快人), the song peaked at No. 22 on Oricon, and was also a track on their 2nd album, "Orange Sunshine", released in December 1994. It peaked at No. 5 and became the 46th-ranked album of 1995.

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