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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Naoko Kawai -- Moonlight Kiss (ムーンライト・キッス)

(karaoke version)

 Naoko Kawai's(河合奈保子) 6th single, "Moonlight Kiss" is the one that came right after "Smile For Me", the song that first introduced the aidoru to me on the 1981 Kohaku Utagassen. Released in September of that year, it's a jaunty number notable for the introductory English words, "Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't you know..."and Kawai with her kawaii castanets. And the melody that accompanies those first words seems to have been copied note for note by the theme of an anime that I used to watch.

"Moonlight Kiss", written by Reiji Matsumoto(松本礼児), not that Leiji Matsumoto who came up with the idea of a space-faring Japanese battleship....and composed by Koji Makaino(馬飼野康二) managed to get as high as No. 11 on Oricon and was the 95th-ranked song of the year. Remembering back to her appearance as the top batter on that Kohaku, in retrospect, I just thought she out-aidoru'ed even Seiko-chan in that bright dress, hairdo and snaggle-toothed smile. And in one of my earlier postings for her, I mentioned that she had been performing hurt after falling 4 metres through a stage lift while rehearsing for another NHK music show back in October. Well, it was for "Moonlight Kiss" that she ended up injuring her lower back. Just remembering how she was bouncing about on the New Year's Eve special, I thought she was the kayo kyoku equivalent of a hockey player playing through the pain in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hey, what can I say? She's an Osakan, after all!

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