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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lindberg -- Believe In Love

Another boppy, happy-happy-joy-joy song by the good folks at Lindberg. After getting their big break nearly a year-and-a-half previously with "Ima Sugu Kiss Me"いますぐKiss Me) as the theme song for a popular Fuji-TV drama, I came across another one of their other hits as the theme for another Fuji-TV program, albeit from a different genre. Written by vocal Maki Watase(渡瀬マキ)and composed by bassist Tomohisa Kawazoe(川添智久), "Believe In Love" is one of those uptempo "There are plenty of fish in the sea" songs of encouragement. Released in July 1991, it eventually became the 29th-ranked song of the year.

As I mentioned, "Believe In Love" was the final opening theme song for another popular Fuji-TV show, "Yume de Aetara" (夢で逢えたら....A Sweet Nightmare). For a lot of Japanese folks currently my age or even younger, this was the successful "Saturday Night Live" of the country for the few years it was on, as opposed to the failed attempt to actually copy "SNL" on the same channel about a couple of years ago. For those Japanese comedy fans, it may be quite a revelation to see the opening credits of the show and find an almost cherubically young group of comedians who would become some of the most famous entertainers in the country such as the comedic duos of Downtown (jaws may drop on seeing Hitoshi Matsumoto in the early 90s) & Utchan-Nanchan, and impressionist Michiko Shimizu.

The opening credit sequence is probably one of the longest I have ever seen for a variety show and pretty much explains the lyrics to "Believe In Love". Enjoy the ancient fashion!

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