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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yasuko Kuwata -- My Joyful Heart

My knowledge of the vast ocean of aidoru in the 1980s is very much restricted to the surface, so it's always great when I come across a very pleasant and nostalgic song for the first time (as somewhat oxymoronic as that may sound). For today, that is Yasuko Kuwata's(桑田靖子) "My Joyful Heart", which I found through YouTube.

The Fukuoka-born Kuwata (real name: Saeko Ikeda) debuted as an aidoru in 1983 with "Datsu Platonic"脱・プラトニック....De-Platonic), along with contemporaries such as Maiko Ito(伊藤麻衣子) and Hiromi Koide(小出広美), and attended Tokyo's celeb-filled Horikoshi High School in which her dokyusei (year-mates) included Yukiko Okada(岡田由希子), Yoko Minamino(南野陽子) and Minako Honda(本田美奈子). Her 4th single, released in January 1984, was "My Joyful Heart", written and composed by Etsuko and Takao Kisugi(来生えつこ・たかお). Just my bias, but there is something about songs created by the Kisugi siblings that kicks them up a notch in terms of listenability.

Since I've only encountered this song just in the last hour, if there's anyone out there who has some deeper comments about Ms. Kuwata or even this particular song, please let me know.

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