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Monday, April 14, 2014

Dreams Come True -- Mirai Yosozu II (未来予想図II)

(cover version)

One thing I didn't mention in my article on Dreams Come True's "Egao no Yukue" (笑顔の行方...February 1990) many many moons ago was that it was the first DCT CD single that I had ever bought. I was just impressed by the brassiness in Miwa Yoshida's (吉田美和)delivery and the arrangements that seemed to sparkle along with the lead vocal's smile.

Now, the coupling song for "Egao no Yukue" was "Mirai Yosozu II" (Forecast Map of the Future 2), an entry in the Dreams Come True discography that has arguably become even more beloved than the A-side and which has certainly become one of the most popular tunes by the band, especially when sung from the concert stage. I think as soon as the first notes of the intro are played, the usual reaction is a huge whoop of applause from the audience and the lightsticks start waving and the tears start flowing.

Yoshida first wrote and composed one of her most famous creations back in her high school days, and she decided to write about looking back at her high school graduation with her darling...a bit of future nostalgia, so to speak. The song perhaps could also be used every time she sings it on stage for Miwa and partner Masato Nakamura(中村正人) to look back at their own career which has now spanned over a quarter of a century. And of course, I'm sure "Mirai Yosozu II" can be sung at any event like a graduation ceremony or a wedding reception, and the water works are promised to flow. The song is not only an epic one for being the longest one in DCT's discography but also for Yoshida's slow crescendo which increases in power at the end. It would be the one song to end a concert....before the inevitable encores, that is.

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