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Friday, April 25, 2014

Seiko Matsuda -- Madras Check no Koibito (マドラス・チェックの恋人)

"Madras Check no Koibito" (My Madras Check Lover) was the B-side to "Komugi Iro no Mermaid"(小麦色のマーメイド), the sunny and mellow 10th single by Seiko Matsuda(松田聖子). Like the A-side, "Madras Check no Koibito" was written by former Happy Ender Takashi Matsumoto (松本隆)and Queen of New Music Yumi Matsutoya (under her pseudonym of Karuho Kureta...呉田軽穂), and it also has that same summery sheen and slightly more mature pop sense. And since it was one side of my very first Seiko-chan 45" single (well, actually it's my only 45" single of her....I went LP, tape and then CD after that), the song has plenty of nostalgia juice for me. I'm certainly glad that the lady includes it in her concerts.

I was initially scratching my head over the title, though. I found out that Madras (now known as Chennai)was some area in India but my impression was that the song went no further afield than the Shonan beach area just down the coast from Tokyo. Then I realized the "Madras check" was probably sort of fashion pattern on a shirt or something.

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