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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bakufu Slump -- Resort Lovers (リゾ・ラバ)

I mentioned for my first article on the rock band Bakufu Slump(爆風スランプ) that "Runner" was the much-heard go-to song for Play Days at the various schools in my area of Gunma Prefecture way back when. But in the same period, vocalist Sun Plaza Nakano also made his distinctive voice on the telly with Slump's 14th single, "Resort Lovers".

The lyrics about the trials and tribulations of holiday romance were from Nakano while the dune buggy-driving melody was by New Funky Suekichi(Newファンキー末吉). Unlike the 12th single of "Runner", I don't think "Resort Lovers" quite fit the Play Day ethos at the schools I visited but I also think that the speakers also played this tune as well...such was the power of Bakufu Slump back in the day. Mind you, the music certainly could get athletes' blood pumping.

"Resort Lovers", which was released in July 1989, peaked at No. 4 on Oricon while becoming the 20th-ranked single of the year, just a couple of positions down from "Runner". Not too bad at all. The song was also placed in Bakufu Slump's 6th original album, "I.B.W" which came out later in November and hit the top spot on the charts.

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