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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Takkyu Ishino -- The Rising Suns

I have to say that part of the fun of Takkyu Ishino's(石野卓球)5th single from 2004, "The Rising Suns" is the music video. That presentation on TV one night had me glued to my sofa when I first caught it. It was a bird's-eye view of Tokyo alright, except that it threw in a combination of Sim City and a gigantic ant colony with all those Tokyoites running around like the world's biggest flash mob convention.

As for the song itself...or maybe it's more accurate to call it a soundscape of's not something that I would assume hearing at a disco (or do you whippersnappers call it a rave now?), but it would make for some nice background music for a computer Sim City. And perhaps it would have done the same thing for some sort of movie starring parkour-performing teens flying through the skyscrapers. In any case, that mesmerizing video was enough for me to get my copy of "The Rising Suns".

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