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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mother Goose -- Marine Blue (マリン・ブー)

About the better part of a year ago, I told you about this really mellow-sounding band with the whimsical name of Mother Goose and one of their songs "Boekifu ni Sarasarete"(貿易風にさらされて). I really liked the summery sheen of it and the fact that it was given a blessing by one of the band's heroes, Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎)made it pretty easy to include it in the blog. Furthermore, at the time I wrote it, Toronto was going through one of the worst winters in recent memory...I definitely wanted to bring something warmer to the proceedings on that day.

Well, guess what? We're just into the New Year of 2015 and once again as I'm writing this, Toronto is getting hit with another barrage of the white stuff, although this winter hasn't been nearly as bad as the one last year. Therefore, it's nice to find out that I could bring in the B-side to "Boekifu ni Sarasarete", "Marine Blue". Just as a reminder, this was part of Mother Goose's final single released in November 1977. And once more it was written by Mayumi Kaneda(金田真由美)and composed by Yumiko Kyoda(京田由美子), both members of the band.

Whereas the A-side represented that pleasant windswept drive down the highway toward the seaside house, "Marine Blue" was the theme song for just rocking gently in that hammock behind the house. It's just a relaxing and laidback ballad to drink that Perrier to. I'm not sure how Mother Goose did on Oricon or any other of the metrics whereby a band's success can be measured but I wouldn't mind trying to get one of their two albums. Could be rather rare, though.

This is a dusky shot of Ito.
It's looking for a City Pop album to become
its cover.

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