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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MANNA -- Yellow Magic Carnival

This is a follow-up to nikala's article on Tin Pan Alley's "Yellow Magic Carnival" from 1975. I managed to find a cover of the song via MANNA on YouTube. Considering how obscure she is, it was great that I could find at least three videos of her singing her version of Haruomi Hosono's(細野晴臣)original.

For MANNA, this was her debut single from March 1979. Unlike the faintly old-fashioned tropical original from Tin Pan Alley, her version has been arranged to sound a bit more disco against the singer's coquettish vocals. It's still rather fun to hear the old-fashioned disco version (with just a hint of Doobie Bros.) as well. It was also the lead track on her debut album, "Chabako Trick", also from 1979.

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