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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yuzo Kayama -- Dreamer 〜Yume ni Mukou ka te Ima〜 (Dreamer 〜夢に向かって いま〜)

I'm glad to say that out of the many good songs that has been brought to me by good old Kayo Concert - that show really makes me look forward to Tuesdays - one of the most memorable has got to be "Dreamer ~Yume ni Mukou ka te Ima~" from the Wakadaisho. If I'm not wrong, I came across this song during the my third view of that show in July and it did not disappoint. Dang, was I stoked when the veteran singer-actor brought out his bright red electric guitar when it was time to promote his newest single, released on 11th April 2014, 2 days before his birthday. I mean, how often do you get to see a 77 year-old man playing an electric guitar?! Sure he was just leisurely strumming on the instrument, but my point still stands.

"Dreamer" was written by Goro Matsui (松井五郎) and composed by Yuzo Kayama (加山雄三) himself under his pen name Kosaku Dan (弾厚作). It's highest position on the Oricon weeklies was 79th, which is not bad.

The highlight for this song for me is its music with easy pace, not too fast or loud. As I've mentioned, there is electric guitar in the mix, but it blended in well with the acoustic guitar without screaming out for attention. Coupled with Kayama's odd but likable husky voice, it makes for a good song to play while on a road trip. Clear blue skies up above, empty road up ahead as you drive past the scenic beaches with the wind in your hair. Best place I can think of now would be Monterey Bay in California. That place has got some scenic roads by the Pacific, I can tell you that!

Not the red guitar, but still cool.

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  1. It's amazing how active this guy is, especially when he's my Dad's age. Kayama can still bring back those images of Wakadaisho (Big Man on Campus) through his music, even though he may not be able to hit the surf as much anymore.


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