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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Iyo Matsumoto -- Tandai Owaru to Mijikai Otona no Yume wo Miru (短大終わると短い大人の夢を見る)

At the time I wrote about Iyo Matsumoto's(松本伊代)most famous hit, "Sentimental Journey" back in September 2012, my feeling was that it would probably the first and only song that I would ever write about the singer/actress/tarento since that was the only song I knew by her. Of course, as I would come to realize, naivete hits everyone at every age in every project. And since that time, I've come to hear and discover a lot of new songs through this blog while I've written about some of the ones that I've been familiar with for years.

Therefore, I come to this bouncy song by Iyo-chan. And it has one of the longer and more unusual titles I've seen in my musical odyssey, "Tandai Owaru to Mijikai Otona no Yume wo Miru" (When I Finish Junior College, I'll See a Short Adult Dream). It almost sounds like something a wide-eyed teenager in an anime would say.

Still, when I found this song on YouTube and then on, I was pretty charmed. It was originally on her 11th album from 1989, "Private File", a release that the blogger on the Japanese-language "Music Avenue" was surprised, delighted and ultimately very praising of. And when I read his article, I was pretty impressed by the songwriters who were involved with the album: KAN, Reimy(麗美), Kunio Muramatsu(村松邦男), Senri Oe(大江千里)and Yasuharu Konishi (小西康陽 of Pizzicato Five fame) among others.

Listening to "Tandai" a few times, I began to pick up some interesting musical cues here and there. The first several bars sounded like 70s Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎), the cheerfulness of the melody as a whole reminded me of something that either KAN or Reimy would compose (I couldn't find out the songwriters exactly for the song), and there is an electric guitar wailing in occasionally that seems to have come out of the late 70s and early 80s. The nasal vocals are unmistakably Iyo's but "Tandai" is certainly not an aidoru tune and has a nice pop polish to it.

Now, I'm thinking I might make "Private File" my first Iyo album purchase. Until then, I will probably continue to hear it a few more times to see if I can pick out some more insights. And at the very least, I can finally say that I could get a second Iyo-chan entry into the blog.

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