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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Miku Hatsune -- Saraba Siberia Tetsudo (さらばシベリア鉄道)

It's been a frigid week lying between Xmas and New Year's. The high temperature was no higher than -13 degrees Celsius and the wind chill factor made it feel like -30! Been a while since I felt it that cold.

However, I still made it out downtown to meet up with some friends for some Holiday lunch down at Kingyo, one of my favourite izakaya in Toronto. Boy, did that tonkatsu taste good especially with the cold out there.

One of my friends who is, like me, a fellow translator mentioned that he did take a peek at the blog and was impressed by the sheer volume (thank you by the way). He also stated that his kids really enjoyed the song stylings of one Miku Hatsune(初音ミク). They had even seen a Miku Hatsune concert out in Mississauga, the city just west of Toronto. I never got that opportunity although I had been interested in one that was held at The Sony Centre near Lake Ontario a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, some weeks or months beforehand, the tickets had already sold out just like that.

So on behalf of my friend, I will dedicate this article to the internationally famous Vocaloid. This time, I went with her singing an old kayo classic called "Saraba Siberia Tetsudo" which was originally performed by Hiromi Ohta(太田裕美)back in 1980. Considering today's weather, it really did feel like Siberia. To be honest, I don't know when the Hatsune cover came out so I will go with the original year.


  1. My god, this even sounds like Hiromi's voice. The original had her best vocal performance that I've heard. While not the strongest singer in the world, Ota's vocal fairly soared in the original, taking her a notch above the composer's self-cover. Which was good enough as a conventional song, but Ota's performance took it above the conventional.

    1. It was definitely quite the interesting song with Hiromi singing something that sounded like an old Western movie theme.


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