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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Toko Furuuchi -- Lighter

Initially, I thought the title of this article was going to be one of the most ironic of this year for "Kayo Kyoku Plus" since I'm currently in the Holidays which therefore means a lot more eating. As far as I'm concerned, the engorging began last Tuesday when I met up with some fellow translators at an old restaurant, Marche, close to Union Station. There was the chicken schnitzel on top of rosti potatoes with sour cream as my main course before I had the apple crumble pie for dessert.

Lighter is something that I will not be at the end of the year.

However, I misconstrued the meaning of the title for the lovely...and very svelte...Toko Furuuchi's(古内東子)track on her 3rd album "Hug" from September 1994. The singer-songwriter actually meant the cigarette lighter for this mid-tempo song. worries here. It's a nice urban contemporary number that I've always expected from Furuuchi. Came across it earlier this afternoon while I was listening to some of the stuff on NetEase.

"Lighter" is something that I would love to hear in an intimate nightclub like the one above here. Actually, this is the Toko Furuuchi cover band, feve, as uploaded by OKAP1965, taking care of the song. Once again, I do love the saxes.

Meanwhile, I will continue my time at the trough.

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