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Saturday, March 24, 2018

BOOWY -- Kisetsu ga Kimi dake wo Kaeru(季節が君だけを変える)

Earlier in the week, commenter Luis Henrique asked me about a BOOWY song whose official music video he had been trying hard to search for. Since I only knew the 80s rock band for "Marionette", I decided to see if I could find it. In the end, I couldn't but luckily Luis could track it down to NicoNico.

Unfortunately, the music video isn't on YouTube but I found BOOWY's 6th single, "Kisetsu ga Kimi dake wo Kaeru" (Only You Can Be Changed by the Seasons) to be pretty catchy because of that guitar beat. Not surprisingly, it was guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei(布袋寅泰)who came up with the melody with vocalist Kyosuke Himuro(氷室京介)behind the lyrics. The single was released back in October 1987 following the release of the aforementioned "Marionette" in July.

The above has Himuro performing the song during his solo career. "Kisetsu ga Kimi dake wo Kaeru" peaked at No. 4 on Oricon, and like "Marionette", was also included on BOOWY's 6th and final album "PSYCHOPATH" which came out in September 1987.

The official music video is quite striking. The powers-that-be sent an invitation through the band's fan club, "BOOWY HUNT" for regular young folk from various walks of life to appear in the video. Each person or set of persons would just stare at the camera while it backed up; some of those folks looked quite intimidating. Since I am talking about a time some 30 years ago, I'd be interested in knowing how some of these now-middle-aged guys feel about seeing their young selves in the video. Himuro, Hotei and the rest of the band also show up on screen but just by themselves. I gather that the fans were informed that they wouldn't be able to sidle up with their heroes.

Anyways, many thanks, Luis, for introducing me to the song!

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  1. Hi, J-Canuck!

    Thank you! I am quite happy to see that you wrote about Kisetsu ga kimi dake wo Kaeru.

    I wish someday a random Japanese tv show does a special hunt on the people on this music video and where they are now.


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