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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jin Kirigaya -- Weekend Game(ウィークエンド・ゲーム)

Singer-songwriter Jin Kirigaya(桐ヶ谷 仁)is starting to strike me as the equivalent of mellow singers such as Bobby Goldsboro and Michael Franks. From what I've heard, he is quite the tonic for some much-needed relaxation.

Case in point is his "Weekend Game", a track from his 4th album "Vermilion" from June 1984. That opening guitar sounds as if we're about to hear an indie pop tune but then enters that familiar AOR melody by Kirigaya. Suddenly, I hear that Evian being poured into the tall glass and blue sky fills everything overhead. It certainly isn't City's not about being amid the bright lights and big buildings. In fact, Masako Arikawa's(有川正沙子)lyrics are about a fellow biding time lazily at a resort hotel outside of the metropolis while wondering (not too fitfully, I might add) whether his significant other will actually drop the pen and paper and stress at the salt mines, and make it out to the beach. Take your time, kid, while I have another margarita on the chaise lounge.

I've got Kirigaya's first couple of albums while he was at Alfa Studios. Pretty good stuff there and now I'm considering getting "Vermilion" as well, just judging from "Weekend Game". Hope your weekend has gotten off to a relaxing start as well.

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