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Monday, March 19, 2018

Shino Shimoji & Aoi Yuuki -- Harvest Moon Night

It's been a pretty calm and comforting Winter 2018 season of anime, except for a rather harsh episode of "Ryūō no Oshigoto!"(りゅうおうのおしごと!...The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!)that I caught last night (started so nicely in Hawaii...). One big reason for this is the series "Hakumei & Mikochi"(ハクメイとミコチ). The slice-of-life story of two best friends living together in a tiny fantasy land is so laidback that it would be dangerous watching it immediately following dinner. Luckily, it was the very last feature last night so I could stay awake, and that is not a backhanded compliment to the show. Considering the poor lass on "Ryūō no Oshigoto!" collapsing at the end of the most recent episode, I was more than happy to see "Hakumei & Mikochi" live life before the end of the evening.

So far, it's been the ending theme that has caught my ears. Alternately folksy mellow and folksy jaunty, "Harvest Moon Night" is the type of number that would be performed at the town pub or at a seasonal festival. Performed by seiyuu Shino Shimoji(下地紫野)who portrays the level-headed and culinarily talented Mikochi and Aoi Yuuki(悠木碧)who plays slightly uptight and musically inclined semi-regular Konju, the shortened version played over the credits is wonderful. However, listening to the full version with that wood bass and percussion thumping away really makes it worth buying. And in all likelihood, my anime buddy, who is in thrall to "Hakumei & Mikochi", will indeed get it.

"Harvest Moon Night" was written, composed and arranged by Mito(ミト)from the band Clammbon(クラムボン). It's as hearty as a welcome bowl of harvest vegetable soup.

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