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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hideyuki Nagashima -- Orange Mystery(オレンジ・ミステリー)

It was rather a heavy-eating sort of day today after meeting up with friends to welcome back another old friend and his family coming in from Vancouver and then seeing my brother's family for the first time in several weeks. Could have used some orange slices as something refreshing.

Yup, not a great segue for "Orange Mystery" but I tried somewhat. One of the opening themes for the classic 80s anime "Kimagure Orange Road"(きまぐれオレンジロード), this was released by singer-musician Hideyuki Nagashima(長島秀幸)as his first single under this name (he had released 2 singles previously under his real name of Hideyuki Suzuki) back in 1987. Masao Urino(売野雅勇)and the band NOBODY took care of words and music respectively.

Although I never saw "KOR", "Orange Mystery" and the other various tunes associated with the show were able to enter my memories, I gather, from my friends' ardor for it. "Orange Mystery" is a nice fit since it has that summery feeling of a guy falling head over heels with a gal and perhaps there's even a hint of Eurobeat in there. It was indeed the time for the genre back in the late 1980s.

Nagashima would release one more single under his stage name before going on a long hiatus from the 1990s. But apparently according to his online blog in 2011, he was making a comeback under his real name(鈴木秀幸). However, that one entry is has been his only entry, it seems.


  1. I love the Orange Road ending themes! Like this one:

    1. Hello, Bryan.

      Yup, I've talked a little about "Kanashii Heart wa Moeteiru" on Wada's BEST compilation:


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