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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Takako Okamura -- Good-Day ~ Omoide ni Kawarunaraba(Good-Day 〜思い出に変わるならば〜)

Fireminer asked me whether I would put up a Takako Okamura(岡村孝子)song in the near future, and to be honest, it has been quite a while. My memories of her music have been sweet and dreamy, and my images would be of working in the garden of some quiet chalet deep in the forest.

I was surprised to find out that although four of the singer-songwriter's albums went all the way to No. 1 on Oricon, there has only been one single of hers that even broke the Top 10. That would be her 14th single, "Good-Day ~ Omoide ni Kawarunaraba" (Good Day ~ Turning Into Memories) from May 1991 which peaked at No. 9.

Those memories of her music are further reinforced through "Good-Day", thanks to Okamura's writing and her sweet reassuring vocals. That "chan-chan-chan" keyboard riff starting from the intro sure sounds familiar and Okamura sounds like the type of friend who would offer a shoulder to that person who is recovering from a lost romance. Her lyrics talk of picking oneself up and stepping forward after that breakup.

(empty karaoke version)

"Good-Day" was also placed as a track on "Chou-fleur", Okamura's 7th original album from July 1991. "Chou-fleur" was one of Okamura's No. 1 albums. The single was also used as the theme song for a special drama on NTV titled "Go-gatsu no Kaze ~ Hitori Hitori no Futari"(5月の風 〜ひとりひとりの2人〜...The Winds of May ~ One by One a Couple)which starred the It Girl of Japanese dramas at the time, Honami Suzuki.

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