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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Misia -- Rhythm Reflection

"Rhythm Reflection" is the first full track on Misia's marvelous 3rd album "Marvelous" from April 2001. I've already devoted an article to the album and there are plenty of great tracks there. In fact, there are so many great tracks on "Marvelous" that I think "Rhythm Reflection" kinda pales in comparison.

It isn't a bad song by any means. After all, it was written by Misia herself and Sakoshin took care of the music. It's just that the mix of post-disco, R&B and maybe hip-pop hasn't really settled with me as well when compared to some of the other tracks such as "Sunny Day" and "Everything".

However, I remember the title and the music video. There's a lot of that "Matrix" dystopia in there mixed in with a wolfman and some yuru characters. Plus, Misia looks great, and somehow that futuristic environment works well with her.

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