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Monday, June 25, 2018

Flashback Ano Hito -- shooting star

I would like to echo one of the few people who've commented on this video to wonder aloud why in the years since it has been uploaded it hasn't gotten more love. Mind you, I realize that mellow pop isn't for everybody and I am rather biased toward the genre. Still, this is a song to treasure.

"shooting star" is a track on an album called "Matenrou to Shinkirou"(摩天楼と、蜃気楼...Skyscrapers & Mirages)released by Flashback Ano Hito (Flashback That Person). There's very little written about what looks to be a duo except on one site which noted that "Matenrou to Shinkirou" had been released in November 2009 as their debut album. "shooting star" does sound contemporary but there is that feeling of old New Music, and in fact, the album includes a cover of Sugar Babe's classic "Downtown". As the video partially shows, the song makes for the perfect accompaniment to a commute back home after a long day's work when the senses are a little fuzzy from fatigue.

The duo behind Flashback Ano Hito is Akihiko/Teruhiko Fukuyama(福山輝彦)and Yousuke Yamaguchi(山口洋輔). Will have to see if their version of "Downtown" is out there.

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