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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emi Wakui -- My Lonely Goodbye Club (マイ・ロンリィ・グッバイ・クラブ)

Emi Wakui(和久井映見) was a familiar face as an actress on a lot of 90s J-Dramas such as "Imoto yo"(妹よ...My Little Sister), "Pure" and "Virgin Road". But the very first time I actually saw her was not via a weekly hour-long program but on a 3-minute-and-change music video. And yep, I actually did see her on that Japan MTV late-night broadcast. "My Lonely Goodbye Club" was her New Year's Day 1990 debut tune, the first of 13 singles she would release up to mid-1997.

She didn't exactly have the strongest vocals, but "My Lonely Goodbye Club", written by Chinfa Kan(康珍化)and composed by Toshio Kamei(亀井登志男), had a pleasant enough champagne-and-caviar urban contemporary vibe, and the music video (which unfortunately has been taken down) has the very attractive Wakui decked out to the nines for a night on the town.


  1. Hi J-Canuck.

    I never heard about this song and this singer, but I liked them. Her live vocals, as you pointed out, are not great, but I don't care about this. The song is nice and classy, and that's what matters. The performance where she singns in the center of a city is very nice. It matches the song well. Thanks for this nice experience.

    1. Hey Marcos.

      Yeah, I think the set for that live performance was quite good, too. I think there was just one more video for the song that I found on YouTube along with the two I had chose for the article, but even if there were a ton of "My Lonely Goodbye Club" videos there, I probably would've gone with that particular video in any case.


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