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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Every Little Thing -- Face The Change

As I hinted at in my article on the band's 3rd single, "Dear My Friend", Every Little Thing was pretty much everywhere starting from the late 90s. I think their most popular hits happened to be their ballads, "Time Goes By" (1998) and "Fragile" (2001), but I also enjoyed their early high-energy outings.

I wished the official video for "Face The Change" had been on YouTube since it seemed to be a regular fixture on television on the music shows, including TBS' "Countdown TV". All of you who have seen it would know there is some well-timed morphing going on especially during the refrain which made things pretty fun to watch. However, Every Little Thing's 7th single is fine to listen to as is as well.

Written and composed by ELT's keyboardist Mitsuru Igarashi(五十嵐充) for release in January 1998, "Face The Change" had a bit more of the urgent rock feel with the band's characteristic booming synths and Kaori Mochida's(持田香織)vocals. I especially enjoyed the down-driving beat in the refrain too, as Mochida sang about getting ready for that metamorphosis.

"Face The Change" was Every Little Thing's 2nd single to hit the No. 1 spot and ended up as the 37th-ranked song of 1998. It had also actually been used as a theme song for a TV Asahi 27-hour special programme back in the fall of 1997 with different lyrics.

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