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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Misia -- Hi no Ataru Basho (陽のあたる場所)

Considering all of the hit songs and their remixes that have come from Misia all these years, I almost forgot about her 2nd single, "Hi no Ataru Basho" (A Place in the Sun). It came out in May 1998, exactly three months following her debut, "Tsutsumikomuyouni"(つつみ込むように。。。).

With lyrics by Misia and Jun Sasaki(佐々木潤), who also took care of the composing, "Hi no Ataru Basho" is really mellow. With her debut, I just wanna strut down the street, but with this second song, I merely desire to sashay quite slowly (having written that, I would prefer you not to imagine this too deeply). The official music video above rather enhances the cool and relaxing vibe as Misia is out in the countryside or by a waterfall. Heck, I just changed my mind....I wanna be in a hammock now with an Orange Mimosa!

That opening line is nice to hear again: "I can sing a song for you and me forever....", along with that combo of horn and keyboard.

Though "Hi no Ataru Basho" didn't make into the yearly Oricon rankings, it did peak at the No. 9 spot on the weeklies. No matter....she was on her way to attain places that even her voice didn't reach. Her 2nd single was also on her debut album of "Mother, Father, Brother, Sister".

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