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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Megumi Hayashibara -- Touch and Go!!

“Touch and Go!!” is one big highlight in Megumi’s (林原めぐみ) discography. Released as a single in November 1994, the song was used as the ending theme for the anime series "BLUE SEED" (碧奇魂 ブルー シード). A classic on its own, “Touch and Go!!” is a pop song with very clear jazz influences thrown here and there, which resulted in a smooth and pleasant sound. Megumi’s cute but sexy vocals only add to this airy and romantic feel provided by the song. I also like the arrangement, especially the synths in the background and the classy saxophone introduced in the second chorus.

A fan favorite, “Touch and Go!!” was chosen to be part of a medley in Megumi’s “Tokyo Boogie Night 900th” concert in 2009. I wished to see Megumi performing this song since I became a fan of her, and this wish came true when this concert was included as a limited edition bonus DVD alongside her 2010 album “CHOICE”. You can check the performance in the video below, where the song starts at the 4:52 mark. Quality is not great, but you can hear Megumi’s live singing very well. Also, she looked very cute in her early 40s.

The “Touch and Go!!” single reached #37 on the Oricon chart, selling 16,450 copies (source: generasia). The song was later included in Megumi’s 1995 album, “Enfleurage” as the fifth track, right after “Forever Dreamer”, a song that I talked about in an early entry here on Kayo Kyoku Plus. As for the “Enfleurage” album, it reached #6 on the Oricon chart, selling 97,260 copies (source: generasia). “Touch and Go!!” was written, composed and arranged by Yuki Matsuura (松浦有希).

And here are some nice photos of my “Enfleurage” album.

"Enfleurage" cover 

"Touch and Go!!" lyrics

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  1. is a beautiful song I like me play saxophon and jewelry of this I have play song of megumi and yuki but is sadness not search nothing in internet :(


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