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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chikaco Sawada -- Happy Ever After

Although I will always associate Chikaco Sawada(沢田知可子) with her big hit, the heartwrenching "Aitai" (会いたい)from 1990, I also liked this song by her which I first heard from one of her BEST compilations. It was actually a cover of Julia Fordham's 1988 "Happy Ever After", but Sawada's version was the one I heard first. It came out as the singer's 6th single in September 1989, several months before "Aitai". What I've liked about it is Sawada's gentle way of singing it although I could also feel some of the sense of joy and power through the chorus and the African percussion.

Fordham was responsible for the original music and lyrics but Chihiro Sawa(沢ちひろ) provided the Japanese words for Sawada.

Above is the original by Julia Fordham.

And here is another guest cameo by Miku Hatsune! Enjoy!

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