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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eri Hiramatsu -- Holy! Hot Christmas

(excerpt only)

Yes, I do realize that we're over 2 months past the Yuletide, but I could really no longer wait to put this Xmas song up since I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I always had a sense that songbird Eri Hiramatsu(平松愛理) had a love for Latin in her music, but she really indulges her Tito Puente here....and for a Christmas song no less. "Holy! Hot Christmas" was a track from her 6th album, "Hitoyo Hitoyo ni Yume Migoro"(一夜一代に夢見頃...When You See A Dream One Night In A Generation) (December 1993) in which Hiramatsu wrote and composed all of the songs. And the wonder about this Santa-and-Spicy number is that she was able to turn the usual Xmas tune idiom on its head and send it all the way from Cuba with love. I'm not quite sure if Havana would have quite welcomed the singer like it did Orquesta De La Luz, but her arrangement of the horns and percussion into salsa mode with future husband Nobuyuki Shimizu(清水信之) was maravilloso. It's one of my go-to J-Pop songs during December.

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