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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mondo Grosso featuring BoA -- Everything Needs Love

I would love to see the video again on Super High Resolution. I did catch it a decade or so ago on the music video channel and almost immediately went on a search-and-purchase mission to get the CD single. And getting back to the present, I think I ought to consider getting a BEST compilation by Mondo Grosso;I've loved the songs that I've heard so far that have been crafted by this DJ/producer. He's been able to mix in the groove, the nightclub and some Latin, often collaborating with Bird.

No Latin in "Everything Needs Love" and no Bird here. Instead, there's some urgent groove and Korean singer, BoA, for Mondo Grosso's October 2002 single. According to the lyrics and the video, this could be just the perfect cool song for a superhero whose motif Well, the X-Men did have Sunfire on its roster briefly; why not a heroine by the name of Sakura? (pink eyebeams, razor-sharp blossoms...defeats overaggressive drunk salarymen during the O-hanami season...could work...or not)

As for BoA, she started her career in South Korea in 1998 but her debut in Japan came around a few years later in May 2001 with "ID; Peace B" but I think most of us got to know her very well with the arrival of her 6th single, "VALENTI" in August 2002. When I saw the video, I just thought, "Wow! The Korean Janet Jackson". She's got the voice, looks and the moves. Since that point in time, her popularity soared. And this was still a year or two away from the huge first wave of Korean culture that was sparked by the broadcast of the drama "Winter Sonata" on NHK before the second wave of Korean boy bands and girl groups crashed onto Japanese shores later in the decade.

In any case, I gotta do that search-and-purchase for Mondo Grosso now. And amen to the title...especially to the ailing Toronto Maple Leafs.

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