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Friday, March 28, 2014

TOKIO -- Uwasa no Kiss (うわさのキッス)

I have to admit that I never saw a single episode of the anime "Kiteretsu no Daihyakka"(キテレツの大百科...The Encyclopedia of Kiteretsu), but at one point, I did enjoy one of the program's ending themes. That was "Uwasa no Kiss" (Rumoured Kiss) by Johnny's Entertainment unit TOKIO. It just had that catchy beat that managed to hold my attention. Written by Tetsuo Kudo(工藤哲雄) and composed by Takashi Tsushimi(都志見隆) as the band's 3rd single released in April 1995, the song's "Yea, Yea" and rumbly guitar basically drew me in like a magnet.

Tomoya Nagase and Tatsuya Yamaguchi(長瀬智也・山口達也)were on the lead vocals with "Uwasa no Kiss" which became their most successful hit under the Sony label (even higher goals were met once TOKIO moved over to Universal Japan at the turn of the century). It hit No. 2 and became the 88th-ranked song of 1995. The song was also a track on their 2nd album, "Bad Boys Bound".

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