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Monday, September 14, 2015

Hiroko Kokubu -- Pepino Beach

After writing about Akemi Ishii's(石井明美)"SHAKE UP" just now, the Latin flavour there had me thinking about another artist from my memories, Hiroko Kokubu(国府弘子)and her 1991 album, "Light and Colour". Besides the opening track, "Moon Island", I also remember fondly the 2nd track "Pepino Beach", named after the place in Rio de Janeiro

While "Moon Island", as I mentioned in that article, evoked images of running along the beach, "Pepino Beach" strangely enough had me thinking of just sitting by the pool under the umbrella while nursing one of those cocktails with the paper umbrellas and an orchid thrust into it. It's just so soothing, but it also strikes me as being something that could be played during mid-morning instead of the afternoon or evening (I think I also compared "Moon Island" similarly). Perhaps it's also the aural equivalent of orange juice as well. In any case, Kokubu provides some fine listening.

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