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Monday, September 7, 2015

Kahoru Kohiruimaki -- KOHHY 2

Well, better late than never. When I wrote about Kahoru Kohiruimaki's(小比類巻かほる)rousing opening track "Keep on Dreamin" from her 11th album, "KOHHY 2", I said that I would cover the album sometime. I'm finally going to do this some 2.5 years later.

Although "KOHHY 2" came out in February 1995, I didn't actually get my copy until some years later at a used CD shop, Liberty, somewhere in Akihabara. Of course, I got a great impression from "Keep on Dreamin" with all of the cool Jerry Hey horns and funky arrangement. And naturally, seeing the fine Ms. Kohiruimaki adorning the front cover was a pretty good incentive.

Track 2, "Super Hero" continues the good times from the opening track. Created by the same duo of Kei-ichi Ueno and Kohirumaki, this would be the type of song that anyone would love to hear from his/her romantic partner, especially if they're into the DC/Marvel comics and Japanese pop music...perhaps.

"Step by Step" is one of my other favourites from "KOHHY 2" especially with the catchy refrain, despite some of the English lyrics just on the tip of being annoying at the end. Another Ueno and Kohhy collaboration, the horns had a fine ol' time here. I would have loved to have heard an extended version if there had been one.

"Believe in Love" is a pleasant little ballad with a bit of bossa mixed in that just flirts with AOR territory. Kohhy does her usual fine performance here although I sometimes think her voice is almost too powerful for a quieter song like this.

Finally, "You Got It" is a nice way to wrap things up with the album. Just like opener "Keep On Dreamin", the finale would probably get the concert audience up and clapping as once again Kohhy and horns power up. Not completely sure on the meaning of the lyrics but it seems like the singer prefers to cruise down the main street alone than go out on a date with the beau. 

I don't know how "KOHHY 2" did on the charts although I think Kohiruimaki's heyday was back in the late 80s and early 90s. Still for her die-hard fans like myself, I think the album is just like getting that exclusive ticket to a fun but secret concert by her.

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