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Monday, September 28, 2015

Judy Ongg -- Tasogare no Akai Tsuki (たそがれの赤い月)

Over the weekend, I'm sure a lot of the media all over our big blue marble was hawking about the big Super Blood Moon that was to appear in the night sky. So, of course, the citizens, especially those folks who have that hobby in astronomy, were all whipped up into a frenzy. I'm not so much into space that I would consider myself an amateur astronomer but I did go out last night with my digital camera to see if I could get a pic of this huge red orb in the sky. And this is what I got:

Yup, it looks like Super Moon decided to wear his Amazing Cloak of Invisibility last night over my neighbourhood in Toronto. Darn you, clouds! Well, hopefully I will be around in another 18 years when the next opportunity comes by.

Some hours before I went out for my ultimately failed attempt, I had checked out YouTube out of curiosity to see if there were a kayo kyoku which had anything to do with a red moon. Instantly, I got a Judy Ongg(ジュディ・オング)song, "Tasogare no Akai Tsuki" (Red Moon at Sunset) from July 1967. The only other Ongg song I have on the blog is her most famous "Miserarete"(魅せられて)from 1979 with the wind blowing in from the Aegean and that really flowing dress, and I had been curious whether I could find another song by her to place at KKP.

"Tasogare no Akai Tsuki" was Ongg's 4th single and according to the uploader on YouTube of the video, Hideo Oikawa, it was her first big hit. Listening to the song by Choei Shiratori and Shosuke Ichikawa(白鳥朝詠・市川昭介), there is very much of a lonely Group Sounds sound as Ongg pleads with the red moon to find her a soulmate. Hopefully, she didn't have to wait 18 years to find one. 

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