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Friday, September 18, 2015

Natsume Mito -- 8-Bit Boy (8ビットボーイ)


If Perfume, CAPSULE and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) weren’t enough, Yasutaka Nakata (中田ヤスタカ) started producing another artist this year. Her name is Natsume Mito (三戸なつめ) and, like Kyary, she’s a Harajuku model.

Kyary’s gimmick is the so-called creepy kawaii aesthetic that also transposes into her music, while in Mito’s case it's a very random one: her short bangs. The thing is, Mito’s image is based solely in the strange bangs that don’t cover her entire forehead, which makes her look a little bit odd. It’s also cute, though.

Mito’s debut single was “Maegami Kiri Sugita” (前髪切りすぎた), or “I Cut My Bangs Too Short”, which is a quirky and funny song about her short bangs gimmick. She released it in April 2015, and also shoot a lot of different low-budget videos to promote the song. I didn’t count, but, according to generasia, she released eleven videos just for “Maegami Kiri Sugita”.

Personally, I liked her debut a lot, but ended not writing a post about it yet. Maybe one day I’ll do it. But for now, the song that I keep playing non-stop is her second single, “8-Bit Boy” (8ビットボーイ), which was released in September 2015.

“8-Bit Boy” is tied to Adam Sandler’s latest movie, “Pixels”, and athough I’m not very excited for the movie itself, I’m glad that Nakata had to compose “8-Bit Boy” with the movie in mind. Based on that, it’s a song with an exciting arrangement full of retro video-game sounds.

As a 90s kid, the song really made me remind the time I played games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, and so many others, in my Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis in North America). Well, the Mega Drive already used 16-bit technology, but I still associate it with the older 8-bit tech consoles. They’re both old technologies, anyway.

More about the song, the chorus is ridiculously catchy, especially when Mito keeps repeating “uh, uh, 8-Bit Boy”. Another great thing about it is the instrumental break where Nakata just unleashes he’s well known synth magic. And kudos to him for making “8-Bit Boy” sound so fun, light and exciting at the same time. I don’t know, but it’s probably he’s freshest work of 2015 so far. I also hope he keeps creating good songs for Mito-chan now that Kyary’s sound is starting to not work very well anymore.

To finish, here’s the short version of the music video, which, unfortunately, don’t show Nakata’s instrumental break. That’s basically why I was happy to find the song in its full glory in our beloved Chinese (?) site above.

As always, Nakata created the lyrics, the music and the arrangement.


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  1. Hello, Marcos.

    Yes, she is definitely one of the more intriguingly cute singers I've seen, and even more importantly, "8-Bit Boy" is very catchy. It's a pity that the full version of the song didn't come with the video but I was happy to hear it on music163. The movie it was helping to promote in Japan "Pixels" died a quick and quiet death here in Canada, though, but I think it probably has gotten its fans anyways.


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