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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Masayuki Suzuki -- Kirai da yo (きらいだよ)

Interesting where searches can take you. I was actually looking for the theme song for the old comedy-variety show "Downtown no Gottsu A Kanji" (ダウンタウンのごっつええ感じ...Downtown's Feeling Good)starring the veteran duo Downtown. I barely remember the song by Fairchild, "Kirai da yo" but I did want to profile it since it did sound a bit catchy from what I could glean from my memory engrams. However, it was nowhere to be found on YouTube.

But hope rings eternal as ever. I did find a Masayuki Suzuki(鈴木雅之)song on NetEase with the same title of "Kirai da yo" (I Hate You), and as ever, Martin delivers another cool tune. It wasn't even an official single but a track on his 6th album from 1993, "Perfume". Plus, it has all of the wonderful Suzuki tropes: soulful vocals by the man himself, groovalicious melody by Hideya Nakazaki(中崎英也), and that wonderful mood of a night out in the big city. The lyrics were provided by Hideki Ando(安藤秀樹)as Martin sings about painting the town a very luxurious red with that young lady while he internally gives that sardonic "I hate you" since either the romance or the evening seems to be coming to an amicable end. Must be nice to be able to afford the nocturnal activities of Tokyo.

Well, I can only hope that I will continue to bump into further fortuitous songs this way. Now I'm wondering whether to pick up this particular album.


  1. Hi, J-Canuck.

    I think you made a mistake with the link above. The song featured is Hitomi Tohyama's one, and not Suzuki's.

    1. Hi, Marcos.

      Yep, I caught the error thanks to you. Sorry about that. The correct link is now up.

  2. Wow! Amazing song from Masayuki Suzuki, as always.

    I hear great things here... a lot of emotion coming from his vocals (the chorus is very strong), some beautiful strings in the background, a groovy arrangement and even a great Latin-inspired instrumental break with Santana influences are just some of the many interesting elements of "Kirai da yo". This is pure love, for sure.


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