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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rentaro Taki -- Yuki ya Konkon (雪やこんこん)

Not a whole lot of time to do any writing today due to work and then my brother's family coming over for dinner so I thought it was time to put up an old children's song that was sung to me by Mom all the way back.

"Yuki ya Konkon" (Snow Falling Thickly) was composed by Rentaro Taki(瀧廉太郎)who sadly passed away at the very young age of 23 in 1903. However in 1901, he came up with this well-known cheerful winter song with lyrics by Kume Higashi(東くめ).

Another reason that I'm putting this song up is that the Eastern Seaboard is getting hammered with a weather phenomenon that will probably go down into lore as "The Blizzard of 2016" so I'm hoping that some of my friends/commenters in the affected areas are doing OK. The translation for "Yuki ya Konkon" can be found here.

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