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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yasuhiro Abe & EPO -- The Best Of My Love

I've actually seen the performance of this song during an EPO concert I've seen on YouTube. And I finally caught the entire concert over the Holidays; it's not all that often that I see EPO on screen, let alone actually singing so it was a nice treat seeing her bopping about on the stage.

As for "The Best Of My Love", I'm not sure if this had been just a one-off song to be sung at concerts between EPO and frequent collaborator Yasuhiro Abe(安部恭弘), but I went to Abe's website and went through his discography to find nothing of this particular ballad anywhere in his albums or official singles. It's kinda too bad since I would have loved to have seen this song produced in a recording studio. I'm such a sap for 80s ballads. Perhaps one of the few sources then for this one is the "PUMP PUMP LIVE" concert from 1986 where Abe served as a special guest star.

Also, I'm not positive who created the song although I'm fairly sure that Abe had some role to play in it...besides singing it.

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