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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chikuzen Sato -- Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me

As I mentioned in my last article, my household had a not-so-good day with a pipe burst and water coming through the ceiling. I need my comfort music so I am also going over to the fine pipes of Chikuzen Sato(佐藤竹善)tonight.

"Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me" is not only the title of Mr. Sato's cover of Chaka Khan's 1981 single, but it was also the question I had for a lot of folks today including the property manager, the head of the clean-up crew, superintendent, etc. But enough on that bad news. Compared to the original by the divine Ms. Khan, Sato's version is slightly more subdued but no less nice to listen to. It was one of the tracks on his first solo album, "Cornerstones" from 1995, which showcased some more of his vocal talents away from Sing Like Talking. I've already written about one other track on the album, "No One There".

Here is the original with Ned Doheny and Hamish Stuart.


  1. Hello! Just passed by to say thank you.
    I discovered kayokyoku last summer, more precisely the classic aidorus Seiko, Momoe and Akina. I've been hearing a bit of everything, though, so it's really nice to find a blog as comprehensive as yours. And I also enjoy anime, so it's nice to see anison also featured here!
    I've been following the blog for a long time, but decided to pass by to thank you. I hope you'll continue writing about kayokyoku (and more) for a long time :)

    (Oh, and good luck with the water flood)

    1. Hello Joana, and thank you very much for your comments. It seems like that you've following the same way that I have been when it comes to Japanese music. I ended up listening to a bit of everything and picking n' choosing. I've also been quite delighted at how good some of the anison have been as well.

      Also thanks for the good wishes on the flood situation. The ceiling and rug are slowly but surely drying out. It should take another couple of days.


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