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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Eri Kojima -- Lonely Feeling

Well, since I already put up another wonderful song due to "Light & Mellow: Dream", here is another track from the compilation album, Eri Kojima's(小島恵理)"Lonely Feeling". To be honest, I was surprised that this is my first entry of hers on the blog since I thought I had come across another song by her in the past. The little slip of information I had gathered in the past was that she also had some dealings in the anison genre including one song for "Lensman".

In any case, "Lonely Feeling" is the B-side to her debut single in 1984, "Foul Play". Kojima took care of both music and lyrics, and I enjoy the arrangement that I've often referred to as "a champagne-&-caviar night in the big city". The title might refer to something lonely but the music is certainly high life in Tokyo, and I do love the saxophone.

Plus, I gather that other people have enjoyed the beats in "Lonely Feeling" so that it has been given the Vaporwave (Chillwave?) treatment and put onto a transformation sequence for Sailor Moon. Just imagine the villain-of-the-week and the other Sailors asking Usagi-chan to keep on transforming since they like the song so much.

Kojima herself was also very busy in helping out in the areas of backup singing, chorus arrangement and vocal training of other singers with her own vocal school. So it was very sad to find out that she had passed away suddenly early last year according to a couple of other sites.

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