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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sachiko Kobayashi -- Yancha Sake (やんちゃ酒)

It's been quite a while since we all saw enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi(小林幸子)appear on the Kohaku stage but there she was in all her glory as a "special guest" on December 31st 2015 singing "Senbonzakura"(千本桜...A Thousand Cherry Trees)in her characteristic Mega-Sachiko mode.

Well, I was doing my usual translations today and one of the articles was a travel-based one in Gifu Prefecture which featured a certain brewery which specialized in a sake known as Yancha Sake which can mean Mischief Sake. To be honest, if I ever saw a bottle of clear liquid with the label of "Mischief", I would automatically think of a Calvin Klein perfume.

Still, when I was doing my research and checking online, I also came across this song by Sachiko Kobayashi under the title of "Yancha Sake". According to the lyrics by Toyohisa Araki(荒木とよひさ), I don't think this had anything to do with that Gifu brand of rice wine but more about Sachiko-san getting giddily drunk with the man she loves. This enka ballad would come under one of the tried-and-true tropes of a well-established couple enjoying those much-appreciated drinks at the local watering hole.

"Yancha Sake" was Kobayashi's 64th single released on New Year's Day in 1999 (auspicious day at the end of the century...probably many more quantities imbibed on that one) and the cheerful music was provided by Tetsuya Gen(弦哲也). Y'know...I wouldn't mind the singer coming back as a regular competitor in a future Kohaku and just perform this particular song without needing to take over the entire stage.

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