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Monday, April 2, 2018

Mashinomi -- Stoic ni Detox(ストイックにデトックス)

Well, the Ryuo won his shogi match, Hakumei & Mikochi have come to appreciate their home, Kokonotsu and Hotaru are back together again, the adventures of ramen-loving Koizumi-san continue and Takagi-san & Nishikata-kun may have entered a new level in their relationship. Yes, Winter 2018 of anime has come to an end.

And that includes the pleasant "Takunomi."(たくのみ。...Drinking at Home), the weekly 15-minute show paying tribute to all of those drinks we love to imbibe in Japan after a hard day of work. I mentioned this in the article for the opening theme "aventure bleu", but "Takunomi." is probably a show that my buddy will not the Blu-Ray for since it's rather inconsequential for him, but I wouldn't mind catching it on Crunchyroll again.

Of course, the final episode paid tribute to Asahi Super Dry beer.

The ending theme for "Takunomi." is "Stoic ni Detox" (Stoically Detox) by technopop singer-songwriter Mashinomi(ましのみ)from Chiba Prefecture. This one took a while longer than "aventure bleu" to get into my system but the blippity-bloppity beats finally got to me by episode 12. The slightly whisper-voiced Mashinomi debuted in 2015 according to J-Wiki with her first album, "Happy End ga Miemasen"(ハッピーエンドが見えません...I Can't See A Happy End)coming out in September 2016. "Stoic ni Detox" is included in her latest album "Pet Bottle Literacy"(ぺっとぼとリテラシー)that was released in February this year.

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