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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Asami Kado -- Lonely, Lonely

I don't know when or where I first heard "Lonely, Lonely" by Asami Kado(門あさ美). It just kinda drifted into my memories decades ago...perhaps it may have been "Sounds of Japan". But I guess in a way, the mystery behind its inception (and yes, I am indirectly referring to the Chris Nolan movie) kinda sums up the singer herself who had been behind the lyrics and music. As I mentioned in my first article on Kado, "Fascination", she has always been Garboesque in her media exposure, which was basically as rare as a fine steak. However, according to J-Wiki, despite her professional shyness, her albums and singles did enjoy a fairly good run.

As well, I think the lyrics as well in "Lonely, Lonely" reflect Kado's image. There is one verse in the song in which Kado wants to reach out for that cigarette, open a door and trace either her lips or the lips of a missing lover with her finger. Sounds pretty Garbo to me. And where "Fascination" was a bit bossa nova, and "Season" had a hint of American country, this song has struck me as good ol' West Coast AOR.

"Lonely, Lonely" was Kado's 3rd single released in June 1980. It was also a track on her 2nd album, "Sachet" which came out in October of that year, and peaked at No. 16.

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