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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mazda Julia - Damattenaide 「黙ってないで」

When I first heard 松田樹利亜/Mazda Julia's awesome 「黙ってないで」 it was used as the Image Song for 三貴/Miki Corporation's 「カメリアダイヤモンド」 "Camellia Diamond" CM campaign for 1993. At the time I mistakenly thought the song was sung by 小比類巻かほる (who has a similar sounding rock/pop style) but it was only sometime later when I saw the CM again that I saw that it was in fact 松田樹利亜 who was the girl behind the song.

Camellia Diamonds are exclusively sold through 「ジュエリーマキ」 stores throughout Japan with the CMs promoting the flagship Ginza location (座じゅわいよ・くちゅーるマキ) mostly. Sometimes 「ブティックJOY」 was mentioned in later CMs but I'm not sure why it periodically changed.

Miki Corporation has a long history of using great pop music for its promotional campaigns. Among some of the songs in which they have used for past campaigns include KATSUMI's 「危険な女神」 , 中西圭三 「ウーマン」 , アン・ルイス's 「天使よ故郷を見よ」 , TMN's 「LOVE TRAIN」, 久宝留理子's 「男」, 華原朋美's 「LOVE IS ALL MUSIC」, 久保田利伸's 「Honney B」, 中西圭三's 「YOU & I」, 高橋理奈's 「NEOfilia」, 相川七瀬's 「恋心」, and 華原朋美's 「I wanna go」 among others.

In addition to great songs, Miki Corporation also secured some fairly notable U.S. stars for its various CMs including Susan Anton, Farrah Fawcett, Lea Thompson, Diane Lane and Bruce Willis.

松田樹利亜 entered the entertainment business relatively early as a child talent and singer. Born 2/7/1975 in Osaka, Julia was raised primarily in Kyoto where she entered various local singing contests and did well enough to be recruited to join two young idol singing groups "EGG5" and later "BABY'S". Even then it was clear that Julia's powerful vocals seemed to set her apart from her fellow band mates and she gradually moved from chorus singer to lead vocals. 

She graduated from the well respected, all-girls school Hinode Middle and High School in Meguro, Tokyo where her fellow classmates were singer 河田 純子/Oyama Junko, actress 水野美紀/Mizuno Miki, actress 穴井夕子/Anai Yuko and former CoCo Member 大野幹代/Ono Mikiyo.

黙ってないで was a fairly big hit for Julia earning her a spot in the オリコン rankings at No. 17 in late 1993. Not bad for her second single as a solo artist.  Julia would release other subsequent singles but none would quite match the success of this song (although her fifth single 「負けないBroken Heart」 would come close ranking in at No. 14 on the オリコン charts in 1994.

Julia would switch record companies several times in the next couple of years before finally landing with independent label ウェーブマスター where she is still currently contracted with.

Interestingly Julia's real name is 豊田樹里/Toyota Julia.  Not sure if her stage name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Toyota's rival auto manufacturer but it sure is a quirky name play.

Due to copyright issues, I wasn't able to find any full length videos on YouTube featuring 「黙ってないで」so instead here is a link to the FC2動画 site which has her PV there. 

 Here are some more cool 「カメリアダイヤモンド」 CMs -

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  1. Thanks, JTM, for the Julia Mazda profile. It's a name that I did hear from time to time but whose songs I never got to listen. Yeah, she does sound remarkably like a younger Kahoru during her time when she was singing more on the pop/rock side of things. Very dynamic.


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