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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yoichi Sugawara & Silvia -- Amant (アマン)

Another classic Mood Kayo duet, perfect for that bilateral karaoke session in the bar. "Amant" (Lovers) has that exotic tango feeling, the katakana title and lyrics that pretty overtly talk of that overnight hotel tryst of a married couple....just not to each other. As with that other classic duet song, "Tokyo Nightclub", having a few drinks before hitting the mikes is always beneficial. And since it looks like any video with the original singers have been taken down, the above is of a very competent duo and their take on the song.

Written by Norihiko Sugi(杉紀彦)and composed by Koichi Morita(森田公一) (who had made melodies for a number of singers such as Mari Amachi, Agnes Chan and Ikue Sakakibara), the original singers behind "Amant" are the late Silvia (Rieko Matsuda...松田理恵子) and the veteran crooner, Yoichi Sugawara(菅原洋一). Back in 1979, Silvia hit the top right from her debut with Mood Kayo group, Los Indios, and their song, "Wakaretemo, Suki na Hito"(別れても好きな人)in 1979.

Sugawara is a kayo kyoku veteran who debuted in 1958 and is still making appearances as he approaches 80 years of age this year. Since 1967, he had been a fixture on NHK's Kohaku Utagassen for 22 years, which included his appearance in 1983 with Silvia to perform "Amant". I just saw him a few weeks ago on the weekly "Kayo Concert" on the same channel, still looking debonair in his tuxedo. His speciality is singing the old standards (I recollect him singing "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" on one Kohaku) and kayo kyoku which have that Latin kick...which would put him squarely in the Mood Kayo genre.

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