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Monday, April 8, 2013

Iruka -- Yoake no Goodbye (夜明けのグッドバイ)

This is another one of Iruka's(イルカ) more bluesy City Pop songs along the lines of her "Follow Me" which was the next single. "Yoake no Goodbye"(Sunset Goodbye), her 15th single, was released in November 1980. And like her 16th single, this song, written and composed by Iruka herself, was also produced by Kazumasa Oda(小田和正) of Off Course fame.

I first heard this on "Sounds of Japan" and was a bit surprised to hear that dynamic intro since I had always thought of Iruka as being strictly on the folk side of kayo kyoku, but with that Fender Rhodes and cool sax, she pulled off City Pop quite well. I was able to later get the song on a compilation CD of her best work in 1989.

The song does feel like some of my walks in West Shinjuku in the hotel district during dusk. It's a nice area to stroll through provided there is no major earthquake.

Good golly! The above video finally shows me what Jake Concepcion looked like!

Iruka - BEST

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