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Friday, August 9, 2013

Teiichi Okano -- Furusato (故郷)

Around this time in August, the masses in Japan start making their way back to their hometowns for the annual O-Bon holidays. So, the expressways begin their miraculous transformation into the world's largest parking lots for the first time since the Golden Week holidays in late April and early May.

On that point, I decided to put up an old children's song that everyone there knows titled "Furusato"(Home). According to J-Wiki, the original songwriters are not concretely known, but they are thought to have been composer Teiichi Okano(岡野貞一) and lyricist Tatsuyuki Takano(高野辰之). Created in 1914, "Furusato"has been a favourite at the high school chorus contests, and most likely every singer who has ever been behind a microphone has probably sung it at least a few times. And with the most tenderhearted singers, it can still evoke some of the fattest tears from listeners.

The song was often used as encouragement to those who have gone far from their hometowns for work or study....something that I could relate to.

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