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Friday, November 22, 2013

Anri -- Cotton Kibun (コットン気分)

I thought I would put up Anri's(杏里)"Cotton Kibun" (That Cotton Feeling) since although it follows her ever-sunny image of the American coastline, it's a lot more poppier than her later R&B-accented songs. Released in April 1981 as her 7th single, it also comes across as being somewhat more cheerful when compared to her earlier softer ballads. It was written and composed by Kaoru Ito(伊藤薫), the same songwriter who had come up with the power ballad, "Love Is Over" for Feifei Ouyang back in 1979.

First hearing "Cotton Kibun" on Anri's BEST album, I would also later hear it used as a jingle for a commercial for what else? Facial tissue. I think even for an early 80s Anri song, this is a pretty darn fluffy-and-happy little ditty.

The above is a karaoke version, but below is the original.

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