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Monday, November 18, 2013

Chage And Aska -- Sailor Man

"Sailor Man" was the first Chage & Aska song that I'd ever heard via a compilation tape. I was rather intrigued by the title since I was wondering if they were paying homage to Popeye or even to The Village People since the song has that triumphant beat like the latter group's "YMCA" or "In The Navy". But it certainly was a different sound from the other guy groups I'd been hearing such as Checkers and CCB or the Johnny's aidorus.

The song was released in April 1987, and was created by Ryo Aska(飛鳥涼). I guess "Sailor Man" is as fine an example as any when it comes to the Chage & Aska power pop sound. I didn't even need to see a concert to imagine the duo singing this with fists in the air and feet stomping on the ground. Supposedly, on the day that their 18th single was released, all of the media was reporting that Aska had just gotten married. There was no report on whether "Sailor Man" was played at the wedding reception, though.

In any case, the song peaked at No. 13 on Oricon, and was also a track on Chage & Aska's 9th album, "Mr. Asia". That album was released a month after the single came out and went as high as No. 4 on the album charts.

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