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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kohmi Hirose -- Gerende ga Tokeru Hodo Koi Shitai (ゲレンデがとけるほど恋したい)

Well, it looks like Toronto may be getting its first taste of a major snowfall in a couple of days and since it's been a good long while since I put up a song by Kohmi Hirose(広瀬香美) (there's something about putting up a Hirose song during the summer months that's just plain weird), I guess that time has come once again.

"Gerende ga Tokeru Hodo Koi Shitai" (Wanna Love So The Slopes Melt) is Hirose's 7th single released in December 1995. The song, which is as sparkly and delightful as snowflakes falling in front of a street lamp at night, was used for an Alpen commercial as well as the theme song for a movie with the same title. I remember watching the commercial when the Holidays approached in Japan that year.

There is almost something Pavlovian whenever the singer-songwriter cranks up the vocals when she sings any of her hits that makes one have this desire to hit the slopes. Even listening to this song would even make a walk through a major blizzard pleasurable. Her label as The Queen of Winters is very well deserved, since even hearing her arrangements just brings thoughts of the cold season and not necessarily memories of Xmas. You just wanna ski!

"Gerende" peaked at No. 6 on Oricon and became the 77th-ranked song of 1996.

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